Unique Planters for Houseplants Home Decor Inspiration

Unique Planters for Houseplants: Home Decor Inspiration

Plants offer numerous benefits to any environment. They add a sense of life and color to any location. They freshen the air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen (the opposite of what humans do when they breathe). When air is oxygen rich, the people in the room are more awake, alert and in a better […]

Artisanal Succulent Arrangements Made in Miami

Artisanal Succulent Arrangements Made in Miami

Succulents are beautiful plants that enhance any room. They are simple, easy to care for additions to bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, studios or anywhere you like. An artisanal succulent arrangement can bring a dimension of peace and beauty to your environment. Succulents add life, color, and freshness to any architectural space. They also make the […]