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Sound Healing at the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach

Plant the Future collaborated with Sarah MacMillan of BeGenerationLove and Cristina Sosa of Raw Residency to create an evening of discussion on conscious living followed by a sound bath, a form of auditory meditation and cleansing. The female leaders created an energetic journey for over seventy people at the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach. Under […]

4 Original Gift Ideas for the Plants Lover

There are few better ways to show thought to someone than a gift that makes it clear you are aware of their interests and what they love. The plant lover in your life would probably love a creative and unusual way to express their passion. The key to giving a truly excellent gift is to […]

Moss Wall for Restaurants and Hotels: Designing With Nature in Mind

Moss Wall for Restaurants and Hotels: Designing With Nature in Mind

Many restaurants are turning towards a focus on naturally sourced, organic whole foods. In order to make sure that every detail of your restaurant communicates your vision, you want to design your architecture with nature in mind. Moss wall art is a unique medium that makes the simplest design unforgettable. Busy restaurant owners won’t have […]

Plant the Future’s Artistic Collaborations in Miami and Beyond

When it comes to finding ways to integrate plants and the natural world into interior design, we often look to push ourselves and constantly reimagine new possibilities. One of the best ways to bring a fresh perspective to any creative project is through collaboration. Plant the Future, a creator of artistic botany pieces and displays, […]

Interior Moss Art That Will Make Your Office Decor Unforgettable

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when entering your office? Do you feel dread and bored-stiff or happy and alert? Believe it or not, the environment you work in may positively or negatively impact your performance and overall health. Whether you work from home or not, if you’re looking to transform your […]

Decorating With Plants: 3 Inspirational Designs for the Modern Home

Decorating With Plants: 3 Inspirational Designs for the Modern Home

One of the best ways to make your space feel unique and refreshing is by adding some artistic botany to the decor. Visually, natural colors like the shades of green in plant life relax people and improve their moods thanks to the ancient, emotional connection people have with plants.  As artists and designers, we utilize […]


How a Decorative Moss Ball Can Upgrade Any Room in the House

Moss balls are a fun, buoyant a lively addition to any home, office, hotel or restaurant. The reason these make such excellent design pieces is their versatility. They look great on end tables, as an item to add to a centerpiece bowl, or even as a hanging item. One of the things that makes them […]

Air Plant Arrangements for an Upscale Home Decor

Fun Air Plant Arrangements for an Upscale Home Decor

Air plant arrangements are an excellent way to add a feeling of lightweight, lively energy to your home decor. Airplants are a fun because their bouncy, lightweight nature makes them excellent for a number of fun design options such as figurine planters and other arrangements. Adding playful elements like these can enliven the mood anywhere […]

Custom Moss Letters in Cursive and Block Letters

Custom Moss Letters in Cursive and Block Letters

Writing messages in moss is a great way to connect your own thoughts and inspirations to the energy and emotional positivity that greenery gives off. Hotels and upscale resorts, as well as many of our other type of clients, can use preserved moss lettering to create a fresh feeling with a medium that needs no […]

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Interior Landscaping Ideas for Modern Office Spaces

Creating a modern office place means designing a place meant for humans to inhabit in a natural and productive way. This can be accomplished with the simple addition of some plant-based interior landscaping. Plants have a natural positive energy that will help anyone in an office feel alert and engaged and even happy, all feelings […]

Preserved Moss Wall Art: 3 Unique Portraits

Preserved Moss Wall Art: 3 Unique Portraits

One of the best ways to reimagine what is possible in an artistic field is through collaboration. Miami-based Plant the Future founder and artist Paloma Teppa and New York-born Andrew Antonaccio, who is best known by his alias 2Alas came together for a series of unique portraits. Teppa’s work is characterized by a fascination with […]


Air Plant Display- 3 Original Uses of Tillandsias

The Tillandsias makes an excellent plant to work with when you are planning out your location’s interior design. These plants have been prepared by Mother Nature to thrive in a diverse range of environments. Common in South America, the Southern US and the West Indies, these plants are known to grow in dry and rocky […]

Hanging Staghorn Fern in restroom

Hanging Staghorn Fern for a Luxurious Room Décor

Choosing a plant to enhance your room should be seen as an opportunity to bring something with a truly special character. Every time you bring a plant into your room, you turn your environment to a brighter, livelier, more welcoming place. You make the air richer with life-giving oxygen anytime you incorporate a plant into […]

Interior Plant Decor for a Vibrant Office Space

Interior Plant Decor for a Vibrant Office Space

Many people think offices as a dreary place you have to go on a Monday morning, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right selection of interior plants, you can create a soothing, focused atmosphere where people can perform at their best. Office plants have numerous benefits. They filter […]

Moss Bowls Indoor Tabletop Gardens

Moss Bowls: Indoor Tabletop Gardens

Your tabletop isn’t just a place where you work. It tells a story about who you are. It can have pictures of loved ones, souvenirs from your travels, and even small pieces of art of your choice. This is an interesting possibility, because you have a small space where you can express yourself and be […]