How can you present your message or brand in a fresh, inventive way? How can you make your environment look like a special place that celebrates the beauty of the natural world? One of the most effective, inventive and creative options for doing so is custom moss wall lettering. Moss wall lettering looks great against wood paneling or earth-tone shades. There are numerous environments in which moss lettering says something like no other design option can. For example, if you run a restaurant that prides itself on serving fresh food, the dark greens and natural textures of the moss call such characteristics to mind immediately. The same concept applies to organic and responsibly sourced coffees, teas, bakeries, vegan goods, and many other types of businesses. These custom letters are also a great way to brighten up your home or office.

Moss Sign - By Letter - CursiveCursive Moss Letters for Any Space in Your Home or Office

Say absolutely anything your heart desires with the beauty of nature using these customizable cursive moss letters. These preserved moss letters require no regular maintenance whatsoever. That can be an enormous advantage in both your home and office because you get to enjoy many of the aesthetic benefits of greenery without the hassle of maintenance. Our moss letters come with a special backing and hanging mechanism that will keep these letters secure, which is safe for you and anybody walking around your home or office. Another wonderful benefit of preserved moss is that no potential plant allergies could disturb employees, your family or your houseguests.

I love you moss signMoss Wall Letters With a Message: I Love You Sign

You have a wonderful opportunity when you have an empty wall. It’s a blank canvas. It’s a vacuum. You get to choose any message in the world to put there. How about the best and oldest one? These three simple words in cursive moss “I Love You” will turn any room into a warm, welcoming and loving place. Positive messages such as this improve the mood of the people who read them. Depending on your office, you might prefer this particular moss letter message for your home. It would brighten up a living room, a bedroom, kitchen, or even a dining room. Anywhere you want to spread a peaceful and positive message would make a great place for this piece of wall art.

Moss love sign block lettersHowever, maybe you have a slightly bolder style. Maybe the look and feel of your space is a little broader and angular, and cursive just seems to clash with that. If that happens to be the case, you can always make a strong statement with these bold, block “love” letters in moss. The preserved moss used to make these letters is just as permanent as the message itself. This display requires no care, no maintenance, no watering, and no pruning of any kind.

Get a Moss Sign for Your Home Or Office

Did the possibility of having a moss wall message has ignited your imagination, and you want to know how you can get one for your home or office? Every business and home has a story to tell and we would be happy to help you visualize yours. You can get in touch with us by calling our Wynwood Gallery (305) 571-7177, Miami Beach Gallery (305) 604-6716 or you may contact us online to learn more.