Sound Healing at the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach

Sound Healing at the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach

Plant the Future collaborated with Sarah MacMillan of BeGenerationLove and Cristina Sosa of Raw Residency to create an evening of discussion on conscious living followed by a sound bath, a form of auditory meditation and cleansing. The female leaders created an energetic journey for over seventy people at the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach.

Under the light of a full moon, the atrium of the 1 Hotel became a sacred space for people open to a new kind of meditative practice and collaboration. The stage was at a level to represent equality; the guides sat on the ground amongst the crystal bowls, plants, incense and crystal bowl and sonic instruments used for the healing.

As guest entered the sacred space, they were presented with an energetic cleansing through smudging of Palo Santo and White Sage. Along with their own intentions for the meditative practice, each person was given a clear quartz, a healing crystal that represents power and the amplification of any energetic vibration. Paloma presented reflections to each guest about biophilia and the endless teachings of plants.Paloma Teppa quoteSosa led a conversation about their intentions as female entrepreneurs, how they reduce their waste, not just in their lifestyle but also their businesses. Sarah says no to straws, Paloma uses a daily uniform. The coincide in that sustainable and connection is their life’s work. They each give their open energy inviting their guests to tune into their purpose for attending. Sarah advocates for the power in our breath and Paloma speaks for the power of plants and earth.

A moment of focus on conscious breathing led into the sound bath. Sarah MacMillan creates sounds with crystal bowls that resonate through the large room. Each participant, in a comfortable laying position, covers their eyes to contain their focus onto their sense of hearing. The sound is intended to heal as it reaches the points of the body that each person needs to feed energy into.

Sound Healing at the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach

The night of meditative practice presented a way to create awareness of how to connect with elements of nature. Elements as simple and sound and breath transport us into a realm of peace, calmness and awareness. The crystals, created through thousands of years deep in the earth, are engrained with the DNA of this planet. Just like plants, they have no pretensions of being anything other than their true selves. Plant the Future created a ritual kit to bring everyday magic into your life. For more information about the Everyday Magic Box, visit the Plant the Future galleries or shop online.

To learn more about to create a concious living with nature, follow Paloma Teppa of @PlantTheFuture, Sarah MacMillan of @BeGenerationLove, and Cristina Sosa of @RAWResidency.